Other Considerations
After youíve explored the tattoo process and learned about all the health/safety considerations, here are several more points to consider:
  • Think long and hard about the fact that a tattoo is permanent. Whatís cool at 18 might not be very appealing on a 40-year-old you!

  • Tattoo removal is considerably more painful and expensive than tattooing. The process usually takes several sessions and offers varying results. Doctors say tattoos can be lightened but not always completely removed. (You can learn more in How Tattoo Removal Works.)

  • Consider your career interests and plans -- will sporting a highly visible tattoo hinder your success or effectiveness later on?

  • Consider the ramifications. For example, you wonít be able to donate blood -- the American Red Cross will not accept blood donations from someone who has been tattooed in the past year.

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