After the shading is done, the tattoo is cleaned again and is now ready for color. When applying color, the artist overlaps each line of color to ensure solid, even hues with no ďholidaysĒ -- uneven areas where color has either lifted out during healing or where the tattoo artist simply missed a section of skin.

The tattoo is again sprayed and cleaned and pressure is applied using a disposable towel to remove any blood and plasma excreted during the tattooing process. According to medical experts, some bleeding always occurs in tattooing, but under normal conditions (no alcohol or illegal drugs in the system, no fatigue, no tattooing over scar tissue), most stops within a few minutes after the tattoo is completed. (Reputable tattoo artists wonít tattoo those who are sick, drunk, high or pregnant, and they wonít apply pornographic, racist or gang tattoos.)