The Question:Which of the following paranormal phenomena have you personally experienced?
The Results:
Vision of a past life0.9%
Out-of-body experience1.5%
Premonition in a dream5.9%
Premonition while awake2.9%
Dj vu0.0%
Seeing or hearing spirits/ghosts2.7%
Talking with spirits/ghosts0.8%
Mental telepathy (reading someone else's mind)1.7%
Telekinesis (i.e. bending a spoon)0.2%
Extraterrestrial encounter0.3%
Several of the above17.9%
All of the above1.6%
None of the above12.2%
I don't believe in that kind of stuff.11.5%

There were 1,723 responses on 09/24/2001.