Image - A total perception of the object that is formed by processing information from various sources over time.

    - Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action, fourth edition, Henry Assael

Your image is how the public perceives your act, based on all the information they are given about you over time -- your music, your look, your attitude, your album artwork and merchandise style, your political opinions (or lack thereof), etc. Imaging is the process of building and reinforcing this image over the years.

There is no "correct" image, but you must consider your image and imaging from the beginning of your career. Your image starts with your music, name, and logo, and expands from there to include all aspects of your professional and personal life. You may not like it, but as an artist in the entertainment business, you are to some extent a public figure. Be cognizant that how you look and what you say -- both in the press and at your local bar -- affect how people think about your act, and play a role in how your music is received. There is no way around this truth; even being a mysterious recluse is an image. All your actions will have some bearing on how a person perceives your art, to a lesser or greater degree depending on the person.

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