Observing Safely
Never look at the sun directly -- doing so can damage your eyes. The best way to observe the sun is by projecting the image. Here is one way to project the sun's image:
  1. Get two pieces of cardboard (flaps from a box, backs of paper tablets).

  2. With a pin or pencil point, poke a small hole in the center of one piece (no bigger than the pin or pencil point).

  3. Take both pieces in your hand.

  4. Stand with your back to the sun.

  5. In one hand, hold the piece with the pinhole; place the other piece (the screen) behind it.

  6. The sunlight will pass through the pinhole and form an image on the screen (see How does a pinhole camera work? for details on this process).

  7. Adjust the distance between the two pieces to focus and change the size of the image.
Enjoy observing!

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