Technology to Enhance Selling
The tools available to the sales professional are endless. If you had the mind to, you could have four or more electronic devices strapped to your body enabling you to be totally connected and available to anyone in the world at all times. Now that's dedication to keeping the lines of communication open!

  • You would have your beeper on your belt for those people you wanted to hear from but not acknowledge.

  • You would have your cell phone in your coat pocket for those people you wanted to hear from and/or be able to contact regardless of where you were or what you were doing, or for surfing the net, checking e-mail, buying a soft drink from a vending machine, etc.

  • You would have your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) in your shirt pocket to look up (while driving your rental car) the address of your next appointment. Or you could check your calendar to see where the heck that appointment is supposed to be, surf the net to MapQuest to get directions, check your e-mail, make notes to yourself, check your to-do list when you were bored, etc.

  • You would carry your laptop in your black leather executive backpack to use in airports to document the meetings you were at, the sales you made, surf the net, check your e-mail, play Free-Cell, update your contact management software, and complete your expense report. You would then sync that info with your PDA and you're ready for the next day!

  • You may even be carrying your digital projector to display those dazzling PowerPoint™ presentations you've put together.

Now there are even web-based applications for sales that you can access from anywhere using your web-enabled cell phone, PDA, or good old-fashioned laptop. Isn't technology great!?