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You've just sat down to a nice family dinner and what happens? A telemarketer calls and asks you if you want to save big money on your long-distance bills, to which your response is probably one of the following:

  • To immediately hang up
  • To say, "Of course not -- I am always trying to find ways to spend all of this money that keeps piling up at my house! Paying too much for long distance is one of the best methods I have found to get rid of it!"
  • To listen and hear about the deal -- How much money are they going to offer you to switch? What is the price per minute? What is the monthly fee?
If you do actually listen to the deal, can you even trust what they tell you? Are they giving you the details you need to make a good decision?

In this article, we'll uncover some of the big long-distance scams that can trip up even the most alert long-distance shopper. We'll explain what all of those charges on your bill mean and how companies like SmartPrice.com can help you find the best deal for the types of calls you make.