With all of the hype about e-commerce and online businesses, taking your business online may sound like a perfect solution to making the big dollar with not so big of an investment. That can be true, but just the opposite may also be true. Going online takes just as much planning and forethought as starting a new brick and mortar business. It may even be a little more frustrating because for most normal business people it's like entering a new and foreign land. It's technology -- eeeeeekkk! If you're not at the cutting edge of the latest and greatest changes and upgrades then are you missing the proverbial boat? Does that mean you have to be a techno-geek to set up an online business? Not really. As long as you know the basics of what has to be done, plan well, have a good business idea, and can find good help to implement your plan, you'll be fine... just fine.

In this edition of HowStuffWorks, we'll go through the planning processes involved in online business -- whether you're starting a new online business or launching your existing business into the cyber world.