Editor's Note
As of March 2002, Electronic Arts has announced that it will be discontinuing Majestic at the end of the month.
We've heard tales of Area 51. We've witnessed the assassinations of the 1960s and lived through the distrust of the 1970s with events like Watergate. These stories and events have made conspiracy theories an integral part of our political landscape, making the separation of fact and fiction increasingly difficult. "The X-Files" has entertained us for years with tales of conspiracy. Now, a new game from Electronic Arts and Anim-X places you in your own conspiracy, blurring the lines of reality in a manner reminiscent of the 1997 movie "The Game."

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Majestic is an Internet-based, interactive game that pulls you into the center of a suspense thriller wrapped around a grand conspiracy: a government coverup of crashed UFOs and the existence of aliens. Electronic Arts (EA) uses original story lines to draw players into the game, with characters who reach out into the real world through everyday devices and technology.

In most computer games, players sit in front of a monitor or television screen and interact with the game via a joystick, keyboard or some other input device. In Majestic, players lose control of the game, becoming immersed in a world where characters interact with you through everyday personal devices such as cell phones and fax machines. It's the first game that infiltrates your everyday life.

Your success in the game is determined by your ability to uncover clues and solve the mysteries; but first you've got to figure out what the conspiracy is. In this edition of HowStuffWorks, you will get an inside look at the game and find out how EA plans to manage an interactive, personalized game with potentially thousands or millions of players.