The Cockpit, Brakes and Motor

You get a sense of just how odd and customized one of these vehicles is by looking at the cockpit:

This vehicle has 2 brake pedals - one for each foot. The lever to the right of the seat is the throttle, which is hand-operated. The reason for this arrangement is obvious to anyone who has been to a tractor pull - as soon as the vehicle starts pulling, the front wheels come off the ground. That makes the steering wheel useless. The driver steers by applying the brakes individually on the left or right rear wheels, and since the steering wheel is not used it makes sense to operate the throttle with a free hand!

The engine is a naturally aspirated V-8 in the 6 liter range. "Naturally aspirated" means that there is no turbo-charger or supercharging used. Two huge Holley carbs and their air filters sit on top of the engine. This engine burns a combination of gasoline and alcohol that is mixed in the engine (there are separate tanks for the two fuels in back).