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How DVDs Work
by Karim Nice

Nearly every movie produced today is available on DVD, and many older movies are being moved to the DVD format. Often, a movie comes out on DVD before it comes out on video tape, because the manufacturing and distribution costs for DVDs are so much lower!

By bringing outstanding picture and sound to our favorite films, the DVD format is doing for movies exactly what CDs did for music. In this article, you will learn what a DVD consists of, how a DVD player reads a disc (a DVD is remarkably similar to a CD -- it has just been designed to hold more data), what to look for when buying a DVD player, a little DVD history and much more!

Lowest Price
1.Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD Recorder (Progressive Scan) $507.77
2.Toshiba SD-P2500 Portable 8.9'' DVD Player (Progressive Scan) $486.00
3.Sony RDR-GX7 DVD Recorder (Progressive Scan) $489.00
4.Panasonic DMR-E50K DVD Recorder (Progressive Scan) $327.95
5.JVC XV-N44SL DVD Player (Progressive Scan) $79.99


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Table of Contents:
› Introduction to How DVDs Work
The Basics
Storing Data on a DVD
Data Storage: DVD vs. CD
The DVD Video Format
DVD Audio
The DVD Player
Where to Buy
Connecting the DVD Player
Lots More Information

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