Written Guidelines
Even if your company is small, it makes sense to write down guidelines about how to use and display your business identity. Remember the importance of a consistent "look." This means setting up a guideline document that includes information like:
  • Logo usage
  • Stationery usage
  • Signage
  • Marketing materials
  • Presentation materials
  • Advertising materials
  • Product packaging
  • and more
This document should be detailed and cover every area that might be necessary for your business. For example, if you have locations that might be developing their own marketing materials, it probably isn't enough just to give them logo guidelines. You should also have a layout template or guide, voice guidelines for the written text, color palette and paper stock guides, and possibly even designated printing companies.

Even if you don't have several office locations yet, you should develop this document as if you did. This will provide a standard of quality and a look for your materials and business that you can refer back to yourself. You will probably find that it is difficult to remember how something was done a year earlier. If you have this document, you can simply refer to it and know you are staying within your own guidelines.

Let's move on to the information and detail you should include in your document.