If you own your own business, your employee compensation and benefits package can be the deciding factor for many potential employees. And it's not just the money. To make your company competitive and attractive to job candidates, you have to offer an exceptional total benefits package. That makes it a very important part of your business planning and management process if you hope to hire (and keep) top employees.

So how do you make your benefits package attractive and competitive without financially jeopardizing the success of your business? How do you get the best deals on insurance? What perks can you offer that won't cost you additional money, but will mean a lot to your employees? Are stock options the way to go? How do you set salaries? What benefit costs are tax deductible? There are probably 100 more questions popping into your head as you start thinking about how to set up and manage these policies.

In this article, we will answer some of those questions and direct you to resources to help you find answers to the ones we don't get to here.